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Torah for IDF soldiers
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The Lubavitcher Rebbi says in the name of the Baal Shem Tov,
the participation in writing letters in the
Sefer Torah protects all of Israel.
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IDF Soldiers Every person has a name. Write your
name in the Sefer Torah.
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IDF Soldiers Every person has a name
Write your name in the sefer torah
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An explanation of the process of bringing the Torah scroll to the IDF base

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Yossef Bar David ( on the right )

The Israel Soldiers Fund: Donating Torah scrolls for the IDF, donating letters in Torah Scrolls in memory of IDF soldiers, personal and professional service for those who want to donate a Sefer Torah to the IDF, donations may be given through our website. You can donate a Sefer Torah to our soldiers on an army base that does not yet have a Torah and your Torah will constantly be used by the soldiers and will be a great merit. (Many people donate a Torah scroll in memory of their loved ones to a synagogue that already has more than 10 Torah scrolls and it's not used much and the mitzvah is to read from it and not for it to sit in the synagogue.) Your Torah on the base will be used for years and years to come in memory of your loved one. In Sefer Yehoshua it says that where ever there is a Torah scroll, the entire area is protected from harm, so the entire area of ​​our soldier's base will be protected in your merit. We will prepare a distinguished Sefer Torah and a proper dedication procession at the base and you will receive a certificate of appreciation from the army for your assistance to the IDF. This is a huge privilege. For more information, please contact the organizer Yosef Bar David at 0549968847

What is ISF

At ISF, we are dedicated to providing for the spiritual and physical needs of Israeli soldiers. We gift religious soldiers with necessities to defend the State of Israel. If you would like to show your appreciation to dedicated IDF soldiers, please contact ISF. A representative will be happy to discuss with you which supplies are most urgently needed.