About us

The Israeli Soldiers’ Fund (ISF) was founded by Yosef Bar-David in 2008. Since its inception, ISF has supported hundreds of people throughout its eight years of activities. Though the organization started off by providing food for the underprivileged and dowries for newlyweds, it came to Bar-David’s attention of another group in great need of assistance. In 2013, Bar-David changed his focus to aid religious IDF soldiers who don’t receive the appropriate help they need.

Despite his very busy schedule, Bar-David is involved in ISF on a daily basis, ensuring that every last detail of the fund is taken care of in the fullest. ISF is primarily run by volunteers, not employees, who feel a special debt of gratitude towards the IDF. For that reason, ISF guarantees the maximum amount of all donations will be used to only help the brave soldiers defending Israel each and every day. All ISF-run projects are coordinated with and guided by high ranking officials in the IDF. Please join ISF by displaying your gratitude for those who risk their lives to keep Israel safe.

Yoseef Bar David