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The Jewish Nation is dependent on the Israeli state and its holding.

Drawing his power from the belief of god and that’s his secret, even the big IDF army cannot exist without the spiritual side that keeps and helps our soldiers. We in ISF write holy Sefer Torah in remembrance of deceased soldiers perished by our enemies.
The Sefer Torah we send in IDF bases that are lacking in Sefer Torah.

So far, we have sent in 5 Sefer Torah in different bases that didn’t have a kosher Sefer Torah.
That is a great privilege and we are happy and proud of it.

All of that was never possible without the help of generous loving people who wants to share in this great Mitzvah.
The Torah protects us and our soldiers and all of those who believe in this holy doing.

If you are also interested in participating and dedicating a letter or a word for your blessing and success, or for the remembrance of a loved one you are welcome to choose your donation, any donation will be greatly appreciated.

Choose the number of letters for donation : One letter in Sefer Torah
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