Letter in Sefer Torah Donation


We at the Israeli Soldiers Fund donate Torah scrolls to the IDF bases, to bases that do not have Torah scrolls. We have already given 5 Torahs that the soldiers constantly use and read.

At the moment we are in the process of writing a sixth Sefer Torah and we are inviting you to join us in this great opportunity. This Sefer Torah will enable the soldiers to read and use it for many years, all thanks to you.

Any donation to the Sefer Torah, whether one letter or many, can be in memory of your loved one who has passed on or as a merit for success for you and your family, according to the donor’s request.

This is a great privilege because it says that where there is a Sefer Torah the whole place is protected and thus you take a big part in keeping our soldiers safe and you will be blessed too.

Anyone who wants to take part in this great privilege is welcome to contribute.

Choose the number of letters for donation
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