Tzitzit fringes – Donations


  • Tzitzit are literally “fringes” which are worn by Jewish men on four-cornered garments. The two places the tzitzit are typically seen are the Tallit Gadol (a big cloak with fringes, usually seen during morning prayers), and the Talit Katan (a smaller cloak, worn every day under the shirt). The fringes are made up of many strings which are then tied into 5 knots on each corner.
  • According to the Zohar, a Kabbalistic work, when a man puts on his Tallit upon leaving his home, he is protected from all destructive forces. This is because the tzitzit are considered a “spiritual vest,” protecting the wearer from both physical and spiritual harm.
  • Especially during these troubling times, no one is in more need of a little extra defense than the brave IDF soldiers who can use all the protection they can get.
  • Please help ISF supply soldiers with tzitzit, a protection which they are greatly lacking.

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