Yossef Bar David ( on the right )

The Association for Soldiers of Israel: The introduction of Torah scrolls on a voluntary basis to the IDF, donations of letters in Torah scrolls in memory of IDF soldiers, personal and professional service for those who wish to donate a Torah scroll to the IDF. To the base where there is no Torah scroll and so the soldiers only used it and read it and you will be asked a tremendous mitzvah (people donate a Torah scroll to a synagogue that already has more than 10 Torah scrolls in memory of their loved ones and in the synagogue you do not read it and if you read only the first year and the commandment to read it At the base we call only him and use only him for years and years to remember your memory And that instead of having a Torah scroll the whole area is guarded and therefore the entire area of our soldiers’ base is reserved for you.we will take care of you for a respectable Torah scroll and a respectable procession at the base and a military certificate of appreciation for your assistance to the IDF. For additional details, please contact the organization’s founder, Yosef Bar David, 0549968847.
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What is ISF

At ISF, we are dedicated to providing for the spiritual and physical needs of Israeli soldiers. We gift religious soldiers with necessities to defend the State of Israel. If you would like to show your appreciation to dedicated IDF soldiers, please contact ISF. A representative will be happy to discuss with you which supplies are most urgently needed.